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Published: December 23, 2019

We hear it all the time. Exercising is important, especially for children. But, there is a fair question to be asked: why is exercising important for kids? Why are they singled out as a category for which exercise is of special importance? What are the factors that make kids especially suitable for exercises and ready to receive the benefits of those? Furthermore, what should you do about it? All of these questions and more will be addressed by this post, so we invite you to read more and find out before you start searching for the best personal trainer for kids in Dubai!


Why is exercising important for kids? Firstly, it is important for you too!

Before talking about all the reasons why this exercising will be beneficial to your children, we would like to emphasize that it will be good for you too. Of course, we mean this in a way of being good for your relationship. If you are in the role of somewhat of an amateurish personal trainer for kids, you might be tempted to work together with them. This is actually a great idea and we full heartily support it.

Why is exercising important for kids
You should exercise with them as well!

We are of the thought that you should exercise together with your children. This kind of leading by example is very much appreciated and is beneficial for multiple reasons.

  • Healthy habit building. We are all creatures of habit. This is why is exercising important for kids – you are trying to give them some good habits for later on in life. Exercising means effort. It means hard work. Therefore, it does not come easily. Benefits are not instantaneous, and it is straining on the body. This is why it is important to exercise from a young age, in order to maintain the habit that will help them lead a healthy life.
  • Building a bond. Exercising together is a good way of building a bond between you and your kid. It is a good thing that will keep them closer to you and will help establish a connection that will hardly vain through the years to come.
  • Benefits for you. Finally, as much as you are the reason they are exercising, they are also a good motivator for you yourself to keep pushing yourself further. And of course, this will give you health benefits!


So, as for the benefits for the kid, straight utmost important is cardio. Cardio is something we all want to build upon. The hearth is our hardest working muscle. It pumps non-stop since the day we are born until the day we perish and is so crucial that hearth stoping is literary considered death. Therefore, you want to do everything in your power to keep this crucial muscle working and doing its job.

Exercise will help with heart health

Therefore, with a muscle that operates your whole life you want to take care of it your whole life. There is no time in the future that is ever more suitable for cardio than right now. And this goes especially for kids as this is a big part of why is exercising important for kids.

You want them to work on their cardio from a young age. Running, swimming, and other activities that are known to improve heart strength are an excellent solution here.

Using the energy

Speaking of tiring activities, they have one more benefit. If you ever exercise with your kids you will notice just how much energy they have. Even though, in theory, you should be able to outrun them just by the virtue of being older and therefore bigger and stronger, kids are sometimes inexplicable wells of energy that just keep on pushing. This is why is exercising important for kids. You can make them spend all of that excess energy away!

When kids have excess energy it can lead to a lot of problems. However, if they channel it into a sport or some other healthy activity, it is a win/win situation you should very much welcome.

Good for bones

Furthermore, what teachers of the best karate classes in Dubai will gladly tell you is just how much is an exercise like this good for the bones of children.

Bone strength is more important then many realize. A good diet and frequent exercise will do a lot in terms of bone strength

Helps to reduce the blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that keeps getting ever more prevalent among children. It is one of many reasons more and more parents ask for help from fitness instructor DubaiExercising often can do a lot in preventing blood sugar levels from getting out of hand.

Of course, exercise is not enough. You also have to make sure your child is eating healthy. Diet paired up with exercise is what leads to health. One is not the excuse for not doing the other.

Prevents back problems in the future – One of the main reasons why exercising is important for kids

The issue of back problems in children is also getting ever more pronounced in the younger generations. The nature of modern times is that we are hunched over one screen or another most of our day. This is as true for children (maybe even more true) as it is for adults.

Back problems
With exercise, you are doing a lot in preventing back problems later in life in your children

Here too you have to start battling this early. Make sure your kid gets stretches that will help with the back pain in the future. The strength of the back now will prevent pretty bad pain in the future. 

Emotional balance

Finally, exercising and including your kid in sports is a good way to guide your kid towards healthy mindsets and good habits. This will be of immeasurable importance for his or her emotional development and balance later on in life. This is a huge part of the reason why is exercising important for kids.

In conclusion – why is exercising important for kids

To sum it all up. Emotional and physical strength, paired up with a healthier lifestyle is why is exercising important for kids. With all of these benefits, it is very obvious that all of us should do all that is possible in order to make children exercise more!


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