Why is Hydration So Important?

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Published: August 12, 2022

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of at least 8 glasses of water every single day. However, people still have a tendency to forget about drinking water, even during scorching hot summer days. Although it seems harmless, reduced water intake can slow us down – both physically and mentally. That alone is exactly what makes hydration so important. It’s definitely not a coincidence that some of the best personal trainers in Dubai insist on regular hydration regardless of physical activity.

Hydration is necessary for exercise and daily functioning

Everyone raves about the importance of hydration – from Dubai football trainers, to University professors. Numerous studies led by expert biologists, medical professionals, and sports scientists agree that water is essential for our daily life. No matter whether you have a long workday ahead of you, or an intense workout, make sure to have your water bottle with you. You can only benefit from consistent hydration.

two focuced people exercising
The reason why is hydration so important for training is that it helps you maintain high performance.

What’s also interesting about hydration is that it helps the body heal and relieves pain. That’s why, for example, back pain exercises are never recommended without regular hydration. Moreover, you’ve probably noticed how a headache goes away shortly after drinking enough water. Also, water protects your joints, which is more than enough of a reason not to forget about your daily intake.

Hydration is important for our digestive system

If you take a look at fitness meal plans Dubai has on the market, you’ll notice that hydration is emphasized in each of them. Simply put, water is essential to proper digestion. At least a glass of water about 30 minutes before a first meal will do wonders for your metabolism.

Your fitness goals can’t happen without proper hydration

To say that there’s no gain without hydration is an understatement. Rest assured your 7 day meal plan for muscle gain isn’t complete without enough water to support your condition and post-workout recovery. So, if you work on increasing your muscle mass, then start to remind yourself to drink water at specific times.

Increased focus comes with regular hydration

Your martial arts or kickboxing personal trainer Dubai will usually tell you that focus and hydration go hand in hand. When you don’t have enough water to keep you going, you become more prone to brain fogs, dizziness, etc. Apart from sports performance, your work will also suffer. So, make sure to go to work hydrated, and have a bottle by your side, just in case. Dry lips are an immediate sign that you need water, so have that glass before you actually start feeling thirsty.

You sleep better when you are hydrated

A close friend who lives actively, or any Yoga instructor Dubai residents trust will suggest drinking enough water during the day to avoid insomnia. Dehydration is usually one of the main factors why people sometimes don’t get enough sleep. This is because the body’s internal clock (known as circadian rhythm) works extra hard to make up for the lack of fluid in your organism. Since there’s not enough to regulate your body temperature, it becomes difficult to fall asleep.

Daily hydration improves the quality of your skin

While it’s true that acne and other skin problems require specific products and treatments, hydration contributes to overall skin quality. Although humectants in moisturizers bind water molecules and make up for the transepidermal water loss, hydration is still necessary. So, if your skin seems a bit more dry and patchy than usual, have more water than you are used to in the next 10 days. You’ll notice visible improvement in your skin texture.

a woman realizing why is hydration so important for her skin
Regular hydration improves your skin.

Tips to help you maintain daily hydration

Proper hydration doesn’t mean drinking water only when you’re thirsty. It’s actually a habit that builds slowly over time and makes your daily life much better. Around 2L of water is what the experts agree upon. It’s not a big deal if you go over the recommended amount. However, make sure you don’t overwhelm your kidneys with heroic 4L, for example. Hydration is meant to be a part of your routine and healthy lifestyle, not a competition.

Set a specific alarm or install some of the hydration apps

Choose a specific melody that will remind you about your water intake, and set the alarm before a workout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re attending pilates classes in Dubai, or running for 30 minutes outdoors – you need to hydrate your body before, during, and after. Be sure your performance will increase once you adopt a habit of daily hydration.

Since we never go anywhere without essential gadgets, creative apps like Aqualert or Water Reminder are nice to have in your smartphone. They have a nice interface that makes water intake tracking fun.

Ask your trainer to remind you about your water intake

The benefit of having a trainer to work with you is that you don’t have to constantly think about repetitions, let alone water intake. Plus, hiring a female physical trainer (or male, depending on your preferences ) to monitor your training is especially great if you often forget to drink water when necessary. Therefore, kindly ask your trainer to remind you about your water intake every time you seem to forget about it. At the same time, do your best to make drinking water a habit.

random woman preparing for yoga class
Have your water bottle everywhere with you.

Write your water intake in your planner

Track how much water you drink on daily basis. Choose a section in your daily planner to write down the amount of water. You can draw a small drop as a sign that your daily intake is achieved. However, don’t be hard on yourself in case you don’t reach your daily goal. Consistency is what matters when it comes to daily hydration. After a week or two, write a small report about your physical form, skin, mood, and focus. These measurable results will show you why is hydration so important, and motivate you to maintain it.



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