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Published: October 21, 2022

When someone mentions rugby, you instantly think about injuries, roughness, and dirt. The mere thought of ever trying rugby may be out of many peoples’ minds simply because it’s considered one of the toughest and roughest sports there is. Furthermore, the thought of women practicing rugby surprises many. But many women, in fact, are excellent at this sport. The purpose of this text is to show you that rugby is not scary! In fact, we want to tell you why rugby is the best sport out there and why so many DubaiPT Personal Trainers highly recommend it. So, let’s break some of the common rugby biases!

The physical and mental health benefits that make rugby the best sport

You are probably already aware of the fact that any physical activity is excellent for your physical and mental health. And when it comes to high energy expenditure sports like rugby, you may see the benefits even quicker. If you ever did a HIIT workout, you know how good it feels to be physically tired. But why is that? Since playing rugby requires a lot of energy and stamina – even more than HIIT, it quickly boosts your endorphin release. And in case you didn’t know, endorphin is one of the four so-called happy hormones that immediately improve your mental health. Furthermore, partaking in activities that require a lot of energy improves your metabolism and helps you get better quality sleep.

a team playing a game
In many people’s opinion, rugby is the best sport you can practice.

A hooligan sport for gentlemen

People have many preconceptions about rugby being an extensively rough sport. We indeed see many injuries happen during this game. However, many people are unfamiliar with sports dynamics and how much emotional charge it carries. Playing rugby takes passion, willpower, and excellent physical and mental stamina. In fact, it is considered one of the best fat burning workouts in existence due to its high energy requirements.

What many people think of first when it comes to rugby is rough play, kicks, and injuries. But it is by no means rougher than any other sport where there is direct contact between opposing team players! So, one of the reasons why rugby is the best sport is because it’s no more aggressive than any other sport. On the contrary, people say it’s a hooligan sport that gentlemen play! And furthermore, any excellent personal trainer for weight loss will recommend that you at least try playing rugby to see whether it’s the perfect sport.

a rugby ball on the ground
Rugby is not as rough a sport as many think. It’s full of emotional charge and passion and requires high energy and stamina. You will love it!

Basic rules and general misconceptions that can make you wonder whether rugby is the best sport for you

First, it is essential to know the difference between rugby and American football. No matter if it’s played in Dubai or anywhere else, differences are actually noticeable at first glance. Specifically, American football teams have 11 players with protective gear, while rugby doesn’t use protective gear. A typical rugby game has two halves that last 40 minutes each. There are 13 players (Rugby league) or 15 players (Rugby union) on the field. This is because there are 2 types of rugby: “thirteen” and “fifteen.”

In rugby, the ball is added exclusively backward, and players score points. Although it may seem complicated at first glance, the basic rules are not so difficult to understand. What is most interesting to people when they first come to watch the game is the pull-downs… The fact that after a few dozen times of being pulled down, the players continue to run just as fast! And in the end, they shake hands with their opponents and just laugh it off.

Men playing American football
Rugby and American football are two entirely different sports.

The goal of the game will show you why rugby is the best sport

The goal of a rugby game is to lay the ball out of the opponent’s goal line, provided that the player is still on the field at the time of descent. This is called an essay and yields 4 points. After this, the rugby player is awarded a free kick on goal, which is in the form of a letter H. If he or she manages to pass it over the crossbar, it brings an additional 2 points. It is intense, fun, and enjoyable to players as well as the crowd that is watching.

Women play rugby too – and they play it well!

If you are a woman looking for great exercise, maybe rugby is not the first thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, rugby is not reserved exclusively for men. It is also a ladies’ sport. And the fact that you can become the team captain shows that everything can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. So, relax and think outside the box! You can eliminate prejudice related to this sport by simply trying it.

Women playing rugby
It’s a common misconception that women don’t play this sport. In fact, many women do, and they are pretty good at it!

However, rugby is not as violent as it may seem at first. In fact, rugby was designed by men but brought to perfection by women. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice if you want to blow out some steam. The sheer energy rugby requires will relieve you of any stress you may be under. But remember that since rugby requires so much strength and energy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consult a personal trainer for muscle gain. More muscle mass means you will have more stamina to withstand the physical endurance required by playing rugby. Therefore, you will soon see why rugby is the best sport for physical and mental health.

The truth about injuries in rugby

A common prejudice is that rugby is rougher than other contact sports. You can say the same for ice hockey which has many benefits. In rugby training, the body gradually becomes accustomed to body contact. In fact, after a few games, players always expect that direct contact and are therefore prepared for it. You can ask any rugby player, and they will tell you that they only injured themselves a couple of times… And no more than that!

Rugby is the best sport because it’s exciting

Still, a bit of roughness may even help in rugby! People see it for the first time and are maybe repelled by that roughness at first glance… but they stay because it becomes really interesting! Rugby has a loyal and constant audience that comes to watch every game. As for those who train, once you come to like it, you will most definitely come back and train again. People who come to train and stay learn to “take the bullet” for each other very quickly. In this way, they get closer and start functioning as a team. It is this sense of community that drives them most to stay, but also what attracts the audience to the game.

Men playing the sport in the field
This sport is all about team spirit, which is one of the reasons why rugby is the best sport.

It’s all about the team spirit

Rugby will show you how important the community is. Once you start practicing this sport, you will make new acquaintances and have the opportunity to meet amazing people. And you will realize just how physically and mentally strong you are.

Rugby is a sport everybody can play, regardless of their shape. Everybody has a physical predisposition for rugby; it doesn’t take a particular body type to play rugby, and the health benefits of physical activity will be there regardless of what you look like. Every beginning is difficult, but the effort and dedication in rugby definitely pay off.

In conclusion

After reading this piece, you will hopefully agree that rugby is the best sport. Being a part of a great team guarantees that you will have a good time and feel all the advantages of sharing the team spirit. There is nothing like it. And with rugby’s excellent mental and physical benefits and suitability for both men and women, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

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