Why winter is the best time to exercise for weight loss

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Finding the motivation to start losing weight is not always easy. In the early stages, you probably look for excuses not to do the exercise. What better reason than – it is cold outside, and I cannot go for a run. We are mostly dormant after the holiday season, as we tend to eat more and spend more time on the couch. The cold weather does not seem that appealing or inviting, so we choose to stay inside and not do much. Contrary to popular belief, the cold is ideal for going out and losing extra kilograms. Also, winter is probably the best time to exercise for weight loss. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. One being that low temperatures make our calories burn faster. Also, our body works harder to keep warm and uses energy to maintain temperature. Read through and find out what else can you expect if you choose to continue your regular weight loss program in the winter.


Reasons why winter is an ideal season for exercise


Winter months tend to be colder and with less sunshine. Nevertheless, being outside and doing your regular exercise should continue to be a part of your daily routine. While being out for a jog or a walk, you can soak up the sun and get that sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D helps you stay healthy and boosts your immune system. Besides, it makes you feel happier and more content. But, aside from chasing sunshine, here are some other reasons winter is the ideal time to exercise for weight loss:

  • Exercising in the cold makes us burn more calories
  • Regular sleep is essential for weight loss, and sleeping in a cold room can improve the quality of sleep

The two reasons mentioned above are the most obvious ones. Of course, the main reason for continuing your fat loss workout every season is to stay healthy and active.


Calories burn faster when we exercise in the cold.


If you choose to take a winter morning walk or do a quick 15-minute exercise outside in the cold, you will burn more calories. Our body tends to warm itself when in cold temperatures. Besides giving you a soothing sensation, exercising in the cold is beneficial for your weight loss. Studies show that there are two types of fats in our body. Brown fat is the natural barrier that keeps us warm as babies. It reduces with age but gets restored in cold weather. That means that brown fat burns a lot of energy to keep us warm and ultimately increases the calorie-burning rate. If you happen to enjoy the snow and spend some time on the mountain, know that activities like sledding and skiing burn a lot of calories. So, if you take on these intense sports activities and keep a healthy diet, you can be sure to see results.


man jogging
During the winter months and colder temperatures our body burns calories much faster than usual


Sleep quality is essential for weight loss.


Many studies show that sleeping regularly has immense benefits on your body and overall immune system. The same applies to sleeping well when trying to lose weight. Suppose the holidays are over and you have your weight loss plan all worked out by a Dubai-based personal trainer. You are doing great. But, for some reason, you are not sleeping well, which takes a toll on your motivation and desire to continue with the program. Use the cold to help you sleep better. Turn down your room temperature as this will help your body go into sleep mode a lot faster. Lower room temperatures will also make the quality of your sleep a lot better. Ultimately, sleeping better will have a positive effect on your exercise for weight loss. You will have more energy and strength. If you wish, you can take a step further and lower the temperature in your living room or your office, as well. 


wooden blocks saying eat less sleep more
Sleep quality is essential for proper weight loss and cool room temperature helps you sleep better

It is not uncommon to lose motivation for exercise during winter.


Winter months are the time when we tend to go into s type of self-made hibernation. During the holiday season, we eat more and rest more. After the holidays are over, we socialize a little less and work more so maybe we don’t have much time to exercise. The cold makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t want to be outside that much. All these are reasons we avoid exercise for weight loss. But, the fact is that staying active and eating healthy all year long help us beat the sense of winter depression. While exercising, our brain produces serotonin which makes us feel happier. Continuing our weight loss routine in the winter can change our perception and outlook, making us more content to do everyday tasks. That should be enough motivation not to give up and keep going even if it’s a little cold outside. 


group excercise for weight loss
Regular exercise makes us feel happier and content as the brain releases serotonin and dopamine


Easy tips for preparing for exercise for weight loss out in the cold


Before you go out to exercise, check the weather forecast. Put on some layered clothes, and remember to keep your feet warm. Dressing up in layers is convenient because when your temperature rises, you can take something off. After the workout, you can use the extra layer to prevent your body’s temperature from dropping low, especially if you are sweaty. Even though you will sweat less in the winter, it is still important to remember this. Drink plenty of water. If you happen to enjoy some mountain snow and activities such as skiing or sledding, keep in mind your feet. Put on warm socks and waterproof boots. This way, your feet will stay dry. Staying dry is essential to staying safe in the cold. Don’t forget to protect your skin with a moisturizer, as well. Always warm-up before exercise, and remember that breathing right is essential.  


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