Why yoga for parents and kids is getting so popular?

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Published: July 15, 2021

Yoga has been a really popular activity for decades and it still is. Before it was popular among religious people because of its spiritual side and now it’s popular due to its physical benefits. People love it since it doesn’t have to be spiritual and it’s really practical. You don’t need too much space, you can do it anywhere and it strengthens your body in so many different ways. It’s been proven beneficial for people’s health and there are many reasons to try it. However, recently the physical part of yoga for parents and kids is getting really popular and it’s becoming a sort of a trend around the world. Let’s find out why that’s the case.

Yoga for parents and kids is a great child-parent activity

There aren’t many activities parents and kids can do on an everyday level. It’s nice to go hiking every once in a while or to organize a picnic for the whole family. However, you can’t do that every day and parents are always trying to find activities they can practice with their children on a daily basis. It’s important to bond with your kids and show them affection.

Yoga for parents and kids is a great activity you can practice with your kids on a daily level. Take an hour or half an hour and enjoy some free time with your child. You can do it for fun, but if you take it seriously since it’s a really healthy activity, you can always hire a personal trainer for kids and make them enjoy yoga even more. They will develop social skills with a new person and their body will get into a good posture.

A child and a woman are doing yoga exercises on the floor.
Put enough effort and yoga for parents and kids can be a lovely choice for both of you.

Yoga will help your kids develop discipline

One of the best things about yoga is that you can see your progress. Any pose from yoga for parents and kids is a good example. If your child couldn’t do some difficult pose a few days ago and they can do it now, they will feel a really strong motivation to continue. Encourage them and they will get better. You can develop a workout routine together and adapt it to your preferences.

A child with developed discipline will have an advantage later in life. It goes all the way to the adolescent period and further. By bonding with your child and encouraging it to get better at stuff, you are modeling a responsible individual for the future. However, make sure you don’t pressure them. You don’t want to make a counter effect and actually get them to hate yoga just because you made them do it without them wanting to. That would be a disaster and it can easily be avoided if you just talk to them.

Yoga for parents and kids is great for health

One thing people lack the most these days is physical activity. Both children and adults spend way too much time sitting at a computer or lying on the bed. You can’t counter such a drastic amount of inactivity easily. Try to find a good and dynamic activity for parents and kids which will activate most of your body areas and make you feel refreshed afterward. Find some of the best trainers of power yoga Dubai has to offer and try it out.

There are many studies that prove the benefits of yoga on your health. It will exhaust you, your kids will have a great time and their muscles and spine will develop well. Yoga is great for breathing. Just keep it up and follow your trainer’s directions and you will see how much your breathing has improved. People who used to have a lot of breathing problems easily solved them with some good breathing exercises and poses.

A woman is practising a yoga pose in front of a bridge.
One of the perks of yoga is that you can practice it virtually anywhere.

Let the kids pick poses and lead

Keep in mind the main reason you are doing it is because of the kids. You want to bond with them and yoga for parents and kids is a great way. Allow them to pick the music that will play while you practice. Give them permission to decide which poses to start with and have fun while doing so. A routine that is loved by the kids is a perfect routine.

If the kids see that you aren’t taking it too seriously they will be relaxed and happy to follow your steps. Since it’s not easy to make a kid try something like yoga that takes a lot of patience and time, you need to be smart with your approach. Show them it’s their time to enjoy. Once they see that yoga is not as serious as school, they will view it as something fun and something they can look forward to.

You can do it anywhere any time

What makes yoga such a great pick is the fact you can do it anywhere. Sometimes doing it in only one place can be boring. Change the environment in which you are practicing for a nice change. If you decide to go out into the woods and try it out there, good for you. You might take your kids on a hiking trip. Once you reach the top of the hill you can do a few poses to show them it’s totally normal. There are just a few things you might need:

  • You might need some yoga mats
  • Blankets are a good choice
  • If you want to try some harder poses, get some chairs
A man and a boy are playing pillow fights.
Make sure you aren’t pressuring your child into anything. It should be light and playful.

Start with classes to get a good base

Yoga is not an activity to do on your own if you aren’t experienced. Hire a personal trainer Dubai and they will be able to give you a good introduction. Carefully follow their lead since they are experienced and well-trained to share knowledge. Your kids will love that they get a chance to meet a new person and enter the world of yoga in a fun way. After enough classes and experience, you will be able to do it by yourself. Give yoga for parents and kids a go and you won’t regret it.


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