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Published: November 4, 2020

When working out, progress comes slowly. Sometimes, you might not even notice it for weeks – or even months. Along with fitness skills, good male fitness trainers need to teach patience too. However, there are some workarounds and things you can do in order to speed up this process. Some exercises will let you reap benefits faster – if you know how to do them, and how to do them right. There are many other workout tips for men to maximize results. We take a better look at some of these in this article.

Adding cardio can help you get where you are going faster

If you are looking for the best exercises to lose belly fat, then it is cardio you want. If you add only 30 minutes of treadmill or elliptical per workday, then you should see the results quite quickly. Getting your heart pumping will help you burn calories with ease, and, along with a good diet, you will get the body you have always been dreaming of.

a man with a belly
Get the body you have been dreaming of quickly with these workout tips for men to maximize results.

You can do cardio training at any point in your day. Do them first thing in the morning in order to start the day feeling right, or during your lunch break to burn those calories you gained. You can even do them in the evening – they are the perfect thing to tire you out and get you ready for sleep. It’s important to create and maintain a routine, and the results will show.

However, keep in mind that you should not forget other exercises either. You want regular strength training too to maintain your muscles, while cardio will stimulate your metabolism. Work together with the best personal trainers in Dubai to create a balanced regimen that will fit you just right.

Take note of what you eat

The second thing that will let you see the benefits of your workout fast is a good diet. You need to figure out what you are taking into your body and how this makes you feel. Usually, the first things you will want to cut out are empty carbohydrates. There are many pros (and some cons) to a low carb diet. What you want to focus on, however, is reducing your intake of white bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta.

Carbs can cause bloating and make you feel puffy. If you cut down on your carbs (as well as sodium, which has the same effects), you will feel much better. Instead, add more veggies, protein, and healthy fats to your every meal. Usually, this means adding a spoonful of nut butter, an avocado, or some coconut oil. These items contain a lot of healthy fats which will help you build muscles quickly. They can also cover your craving for snacks since they are tasty as well.

Another thing you want out of your life is sugar. It can mess with your body and the way it processes fuel. What’s more, sugar adds strain on your pancreas, so you will want to avoid it. Not only does it make you feel puffy, but it causes skin problems too – like cellulite – and makes you feel low on energy and volatile. To feed your need for sweets, eat berries, and whole-milk yogurt nearby. You can even take a square of dark chocolate, too.

a cucumber
You can even add refreshing food items like cucumbers and some citrus.

Along these lines, you should also remove sugary drinks and alcohol from your diet. Instead, drink a lot of water. Water is a great energizer, reduces the feeling of puffiness, and allows you better control of your calories.

Remember to check your posture

One of the best workout tips for men to maximize results we can give you is to always check your posture. You might not realize just how essential this can be, but good posture can have dramatic results on your workout results. First, you will need to become aware of your posture at all times. When you do, you will be able to correct it.

Straighten your shoulders and lift your chest. This is usually the basis of a good posture. You can even do many back pain exercises that will help with this. By ensuring your posture is good, you help your back and shoulder muscles develop right. They will not be under too much stress keeping you standing up and straight, and you will feel better overall. This way, other muscles can develop more easily, and you will reap the benefits fast.

Get more sleep to build more muscle

Another thing that helps you build more muscle quickly is sleep. Therefore, getting more sleep means you have more time to build these muscles. This is especially true if you are doing home workout routines during the quarantine – where your activity is increased. There are two things you can do here.

a man sleeping
Sleep can help you build muscle faster.

If you are getting up pretty early, then trying to go to bed earlier than usual. Just an extra hour of sleep ought to help you get faster results in record times. Conversely, if you are already getting to bed pretty early, try to sleep in an extra hour. This can be tough to do – especially if you have a solid sleep schedule already. But achieving it will help you get results quickly.

However, make sure you do not oversleep. This will also make you groggy and not feeling well. It will, paradoxically, give you the feeling of reduced energy, and you will not be able to work out as effectively. Just follow our workout tips for men to maximize results – and consult with your personal trainer – and you will be the best you can be in no time.

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