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Published: April 16, 2021

Keeping a healthy body and mind is a lifetime of work. Establishing positive health practices can and should start at an early age, but that does not mean it should end when you get older. On the contrary, seniors should pay attention to what their body is telling them and introduce some healthy and beneficial workout routines. A good choice for everyone in their golden years is toga for seniors. It allows whoever practices it to find a mode and level of intensity that best suits their body and physical condition. If you opt for power yoga Dubai – based classes, you can expect stretching your muscles, learning relaxation techniques, and deep breathing. Learn how to improve your health by practicing yoga.

The key benefits of practicing yoga for seniors

Yoga is an ancient practice that has become very popular in the Western world. Its popularity is since you can adapt all yoga poses to suit different body types, levels of comfort, and physical abilities of a person. It is getting recognized as a good way of physical activity for seniors because it is safe and low-paced. Some of the key benefits of practicing yoga for seniors are:

  • Reduces pain
  • Improves flexibility
  • Teaches proper breathing techniques
  • Improves balance
  • Makes you sleep better
  • Reduces stress and teaches relaxation techniques

If you practice it correctly, and hopefully with a personal coach Dubai, regular yoga exercise can bring many benefits to your overall physical and mental health.

Yoga reduces pain and makes your bones stronger

If you are battling osteoporosis and similar conditions, yoga can do wonders for your bones. Regular yoga exercises strengthen your core body muscles and reinforce the strength of your bones. It is essential to consult your doctor before practicing yoga or having a long talk with your instructor. For best results and to avoid possible injuries, it is best to clear everything with a doctor. If you choose to go with some of the best female fitness trainers in Dubai, be sure to connect, listen and learn how to use yoga to your advantage. You can reduce back pain and other types of chronic pain conditions.

woman practicing yoga for seniors
If you are suffering from chronic back pain you can benefit greatly from practicing yoga for seniors

Improve your flexibility and work on your balance

Yoga poses are called asanas. Many poses can make you improve your body flexibility. Holding a pose for a few breaths will make your muscles relax and stretch, making them more flexible. Besides, you will work on your core balance and reduce the danger of falling. Going to your yoga lessons and exercising will make you more stable on your feet and adapt to different kinds of motion. Boosing your flexibility will surely be one of the top benefits you will experience with yoga for seniors.

Start yoga for seniors and learn proper breathing techniques

Among the benefits of practicing yoga is learning to breathe correctly. It does not mean that you haven’t been breathing correctly up until now. It refers to specific techniques and breathing exercises that will have a positive effect on your lungs. Some studies show yoga can improve breathing. When having deep breaths, your chest expands and improves lung capacity. A good yoga instructor will know how to assist you in learning some deep breathing techniques. You will be able to go through your poses if you breathe correctly, inhaling full lungs and breathing out through the nose.

woman practicing yoga
Yoga poses or asanas are completely adaptable to your age, preferences and physical condition

Don’t be surprised if you start sleeping better

When you get to a certain age, you can experience some sleep disturbances. Many factors affect sleep quality, but yoga is indeed an exercise that can help in that department. Yoga for seniors can help you improve the duration of your sleep and its quality. If you are sleep-deprived or suffer from insomnia, it can be beneficial to take on any physical activity type. Taking up yoga is an excellent option if you are at an age that requires low-intensity training adapted to your overall fitness. You can practice yoga in the evening as it will help you release from the daily stress and transition you into a good night sleep.

Reduce stress, unwind and learn how to relax with seniors’ yoga

When you get into the specifics of a yogi lifestyle, you will start reaping your exercise’s benefits. One of the critical positives you will feel right away is the reduction of everyday stress. You probably have the day to day problems and struggles that can even keep you awake at night. Learning how to alleviate stress with proper breathing and relaxation will improve the quality of your day. Whether you spend it running errands or in the comfort of your home, your day will be filled with positivity and a sense of peace. Learning to incorporate yoga relaxation methods in your daily routines might be a perfect treatment for your stress and anxiety.

man stretching on yoga mat
Stretching and improving your flexibility are key benefits of any yoga practice, especially if you are a beginner

Complete these easy steps and start right away

If you are still unsure how to start practicing yoga for seniors, these easy steps can help you prioritize and make the right decision.
Find a yoga instructor. Whether you prefer female or male fitness trainers, it is not essential. The important thing is to find a knowledgeable personal trainer in Dubai who can assist you in your desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Talk to your instructor about different types of yoga and choose the one that best suits you. Hatha yoga is a better choice if you want a slower pace, and power yoga if you want a faster exercise rate.
Buy some comfortable clothes and a yoga mat. You have to feel comfortable and able to move. The yoga mat can be of any type as long as it suits you.

Now you are ready to start. Good lick. Namaste.


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