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Published: October 9, 2020

People, more often than not, believe that a proper weight loss exercise must be exhausting and drain your energy. We, as professionals, would like to disagree. There is such a thing we like to call yoga for weight loss that is very effective but does not tire you in the same way weights and cardio do. It is a less invasive method that is used for people who either like yoga or would like to lose some weight without hitting the gym and the bars. We have a few examples of how this type of yoga can help you and we will further explain them.

What makes yoga for weight loss so effective?

Everyone who likes to practice yoga knows all the benefits that come with it. The muscle tone has a very natural yet tight look while still being flexible and always ready for action. Yoga helps you maintain a natural look overall and improves health in every way because it is a discipline centuries-old, practiced by martial artists and sportsmen all around the world even today. Besides the physical benefits, it also brings a calmness to the soul and spirit which is probably the first thing people associate with yoga. Therefore, it is beneficial for both the body and the mind. It is a safe and coordinated practice for everyone of any body type or capability. Prenatal yoga classes Dubai are becoming more and more popular, and for a reason.

A woman getting ready to do yoga for weight loss.
You will profit greatly from yoga for weight loss. There will be many benefits to it.

What to know about yoga for weight loss before you start?

Just like with any exercise routine, you have to be persistent and dedicated. The process of losing weight can last a month or a year, it depends on your current condition and on your metabolism. Not everyone reacts the same way and you cannot expect magic to happen. What you can do is find a routine that is best for you or hire a private yoga instructor Dubai to help you. Professionals will know what to do and how to help you exactly.

You can always practice by yourself and achieve the goal you have set but a yoga instructor in Dubai will probably help you achieve it sooner and more efficiently. He or she will have the education, information, and experience that you can use to your advantage. Nevertheless, we will continue with some yoga for weight loss that you will practice both alone or with an instructor.

Yoga asanas that will help you lose weight

First of all, before we explain each asana we have chosen for this article, let us remind you that exercise does not go without a proper diet. We do not suggest that you starve yourself, but a healthy eating regime is more than necessary is you want to lose weight properly and as quickly as you can. Also, try to de-stress because that can impact your weight as well. Since yoga is something you are interested in, why not try to meditate? Now that we have emphasized that, we can continue to the topis at hand.

Chaturanga Dandasana, in other words, the low push up

The original name is quite complicated to pronounce but the asana itself is very easy to do. Even though you can do it easily, do not mistake it for an easy pose. The point of it is to maintain the exact same posture and endure it for a certain amount of time. Begin by placing your toes and palms on the exercise or yoga mat. Place them as if you intend to do a plank. Then push your bottom up to make a kind of triangle with your body. Once your tush is all the way up, start lowering it until your elbows reach your waist. Your palms must be directly underneath your shoulders in order for the asana to be proper. It is important that your back, bottom, and elbows are at the same level, constantly.

A woman doing the low push up asana.
This asana only looks simple, yet, it is anything but.

To make it more clear for those who know what they are doing. Start in the high plank position, shift your body weight slightly forward, and then lower yourself to the level of a low push-up.

The Virabhadrasana 1, in other words, the warrior 1 pose

You start this pose by facing forward and spreading your legs wider than your shoulders. Keep your hands on your hips for now. Then, point the toes of your left foot to the side, left, logically, and the toes of your right foot as well, but not completely, keep your balance. Spread your arms wide while pointing your fingers to the side and slowly turn your waist in the same direction your left foot is facing. Once you do that, clasp your hands together above your head. Keep your back straight and again, slowly, bend your left knee to a logical 90 degrees angle. Your right leg should be flexing and your left leg should be bent in the knee but the knee should not go further than the toes. When finished, reverse every move to the starting position.

Women doing the virabhadrasana.
The virabhadrasana is an empowering exercise you will enjoy very much.

Trikonasana, otherwise known as the triangle pose

You should start this asana the same way you started the previous one. Every step is the same up to the point where your left foot is pointed towards the left, your right foot is balanced out, and your arms are spread wide. Instead of turning your waist towards the left, you will only turn your head in that direction. With spread arms, you will start to lower your upper body down, so that your left arm grabs your left ankle in the end. With the right arm pointed towards the ceiling, look upward and keep that position. It is important to keep your back straight and your arms at an even level. One holding the ankle and the other pointed upwards. Exit the position by reversing movements.

A woman doing the triangle pose.
Make sure you level your arms properly.

Which asana do you like the most?

These were our top three asanas that we would recommend fo everyone who is looking to do yoga for weight loss. We hope that this was helpful in some way and if you want professionals to assist you, feel free to contact DubaiPT and get professional help and opinions guide you towards your goal. We wish you good luck!

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