Yoga vs Zumba: How to choose?

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It’s almost the New Year. That means that it’s time to decide what gym or activity you’ll be joining on January 1st. But all jokes aside, new-year-new-me is the perfect opportunity to change something. Well, as long as you actually stick with it. That said, starting a new activity is not only an opportunity to shed some unwanted weight but also to get healthier. Zumba and Yoga are both popular activities to get in shape. It’s important to note, though, that even if you’re not a fan of group classes there are ways to practice both yoga and Zumba on your own. One such way is to find an experienced personal trainer Dubai residents recommend, or simply find online classes you could follow along with. But to start exercising you first have to decide what your activity of choice is. But how to decide which is better – Yoga vs Zumba?

A woman researching whether yoga vs zumba is the right choice.
Yoga vs Zumba? The question is virtually impossible to answer!

Yoga vs Zumba – The showdown

Saying one is better than the other would simply be untrue. Yoga is a better choice for some people just as much as Zumba is the clear winner to some other people. It all depends on what your preferences and needs are. That said, there are health benefits to Zumba as well as yoga. So it’s all about what you feel is a better fit for you. However, aside from both being physical activities and having health benefits, Zumba and yoga are polar opposites. That means that if you like to stay active and like having a variety of activities in your routine you could easily get away with doing both once a week, or even a couple of times a week.

Zumba your way into an amazing shape and sick moves on the dancefloor

One step left and one step right, one to the front and one to the side – is just what you can expect from Zumba! Zumba is a really fun activity that usually draws in energetic people that are looking to have some fun as well as exercise. At a first glance, all the choreographed moves might seem intimidating. However, keep in mind that Zumba choreographies consist of very repetitive and simple steps that most people can easily follow after a few classes. So don’t let Zumba’s “complexity” deter you from trying.

Zumba: Pros, Cons, and who’s it for

Zumba is one of the most popular activities, especially among women. Why Zumba became so popular, however, is completely understandable. It’s probably one of the most fun physical activities to all those who love to dance. But while really fun, Zumba also offers all the benefits of a proper cardio workout. That being the case, Zumba is the perfect workout to shed unwanted weight quickly. It’s also readily available since its popularity is so high. That means that most gyms that offer classes also offer Zumba classes in Dubai, and everywhere else in the world. It’s also great at getting your mood elevated. Being a group activity with music and freeing movements, Zumba can significantly impact your mood in a positive way.

However, Zumba is simply not for everybody. Since it’s a very strenuous workout that stresses joints, Zumba is not the best option for people with injuries and those suffering from health issues. If you’re one of those people and you were really hoping to give Zumba a go it’s best to consult your doctor before enrolling in classes. Zumba is also not the best option for all those who don’t like to dance. It’s an activity that relies heavily on dancing. And if you’re not a fan of dancing you’re not going to be a fan of Zumba either.

Women doing Zumba.
Zumba is a great option for energetic individuals!

Who is Zumba for?

  • Energetic individuals looking to get rid of excess energy
  • Individuals looking to lose weight quickly
  • Individuals hoping to boost their fitness level
  • People looking to improve their mood
  • People looking to have some fun and let loose
  • Individuals looking to bond with other activity goers

Yoga your way into the peace of body and mind

I personally feel calmer just thinking about yoga, and I’m probably not alone. Yoga is perhaps the best physical activity to get both your body and mind in shape. And one of the very few outwardly calming physical activities. That said, many people see yoga as too easy or not effective in terms of getting in shape. That is not true! If done correctly, yoga can be very effective. However, it’s important to note that there are various types of yoga, and some of them are truly mild and have barely any effect on body strengthening. Still, many types of yoga are very vigorous and can leave you sore for days.

Yoga: Pros, Cons, and who’s it for

Unlike Zumba, yoga is the perfect activity for people lacking energy or having blocked energy. However, yoga is a great activity for all sorts of people. It’s arguably more versatile than Zumba and easily adaptable to personal needs. And even though yoga has a reputation for being very mild and ineffective, joining quality power yoga Dubai yoga goers deem quality would whip you in shape in no time! On the other side of the spectrum, yoga Nidra is all about relaxation, letting go, and finding inner peace. Yoga also offers a variety of combinations and everything in between. It’s also a great option since it doesn’t have any restrictions in regards to who can and cannot practice it. Being so flexible, yoga offers modifications that allow it to be tailored even to the most sensitive bodies.

All that said, if you’re looking for an activity to simply sweat out your energy, anger, or that extra slice of cake, yoga is just not that. That means that yoga is not best suited to individuals who are looking for vigorous and energetic activity. Not to say that yoga can’t be both of those things, it’s just not its primary focus. However, if you’re restless and can’t stay calm yoga might seem off-putting but be just what you need. It might teach you how to be calm and how to process your feelings and channel your energy without having to do a shimmy or punch a bag.

Two women doing yoga.
Yoga is very versatile which means that a wide variety of people could enjoy yoga!

Who is yoga for?

  • Individuals looking to relax
  • Individual looking to tame their minds
  • People with health issues and injuries
  • People looking to become stronger and more flexible
  • Individuals that don’t enjoy overly vigorous activities

Being active is great, but…

Being physically active is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy. However, participating in vigorous activities can have some consequences on a body especially if your body is not prepared or is suffering from something else. For that reason, it’s important to consult with your doctor before joining any activities if you suffer from any health issues. That said, even if you’re young and completely healthy treating your body with care and not overly pushing it is very important. You have one body and you should be gentle to it!

One more important thing to mention are the benefits of healthy eating. Especially if you are hoping to get healthy or get in shape. Being mindful of what you eat will make you more conscious of your body and make you value it more. Because of that, it’s a good idea to look into changing your diet if you’re currently following an unhealthy diet. However, don’t make any radical changes or cut your food intake significantly alongside starting a new fitness regime. It might seem tempting, but your long-term progress and motivation could suffer from radical changes. So take it easy and listen to your body!

A plate of healthy food.
Healthy eating and exercising are the best combo to get in shape!

Yoga vs Zumba – the verdict

Starting Zumba or power yoga to lose weight, or even milder forms of yoga can be beneficial to your health. Working out is good for your mind and your body as long as you enjoy what you do and don’t overdo it. That said yoga vs Zumba question is impossible to answer. At least not until it’s put in a personal context. Still, no matter what your activity of choice ends up being, always make sure to give yourself credit for working towards bettering your health!

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