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Published: January 21, 2020

So you have moved to Dubai, and you are ready to both explore the city and take your bike and go for a ride! Why not mix both of these, and go exploring and enjoying the many wonders the city has on your wheels? Cycling in Dubai has become quite a great passing time activity in recent years. This is because it has many benefits! Not only can you lose weight cycling, but you get a great and unique chance to get to know the city from a different angle. However, many people are not sure where exactly to go in and around the city. That’s why DubaiPT is here! In this article, we will take a look at some of the best places and tracks for you to go out and enjoy cycling!

Nad Al Sheba Park is a perfect starting point for cycling in Dubai!

One of the best places where you can go and get to know the city of Dubai on your bike is the Nad Al Sheba Park. Its cycle path is actually a converted camel track. It will take you near Meyda racecourse, and will give you amazing sights to behold! From the path, you can witness breathtaking Downtown Dubai as well as the magnificent Burj Khalifa. What’s more, you can also do plenty of cardio exercises in the park itself which is just another added bonus.

women cycling in the park
Go cycling in the park to start exploring Dubai on your own tempo!

And, depending on your level of expertise, there are three loops you can take! There is a 4km, 6km, and an 8km one! What’s more, you will find lockers, changing rooms and shower facilities here as well! So, in other words, it’s a perfect cycling experience in Dubai! You can even go for a joyride in the night because there are lights making the course bright and easy to enjoy at any time! There is even a children’s course for the youngest! There, they can learn to ride their bike as well as learn about street signs, speed bumps, and roundabouts! So Nad Al Sheba Park offers cycling in Dubai that both beautiful, relaxing and educational!

Al Qudra Cycle Track

Now, getting to know Dubai is good, but if you are a pro – you will have to hit Al Qudra Cycle Track eventually. These two cycling paths are great for those who love to ride middle or long-distance. The short option is an 18km path, while a longer one loops around over the span of 50km. If this isn’t one of the exercises to lose belly fat, we really do not know what is!

Throughout all of this, you will have a lot of natural beauty to behold! The landscape is full of sand dunes that will take your breath away. You can also cycle by the five-star Bab Al Shams resort, which offers refreshments for everyone cycling in Dubai. Finally, a good thing is that you don’t need to use your own bike to get here! Next to the Al Qudra cycle path, you will find Trek Bikes, which offers rental bikes for easy use!

Bike in the mountains near Dubai

If the biking tracks and parks just don’t do it for you, then you can venture outside of the city of Dubai! There, you will find a mountain exclave called Hatta. Along these scenic surroundings are many rocky outcrops as well as challenges of cycling on heights! With a route of 52km, there is a lot you can do in the mountains! There are even four different levels you can pick and choose from – all based on how much you are confident in your cycling skills.

a mountain biker
Mountain biking is a great sport in Dubai!

Again, just like in Al Quadra Cycle Track, you don’t need to have a mountain bike here! The Hatta MTB center will let you rent a bike as well as other essentials. Helmets, elbow and knee guards, for example, are a must in these rocky tracks! And if you think you might get lost, there are guides who will recommend what you need to see and do on the routes. This way, you will feel the excitement as well as be safe – while keeping healthy at the same time!

The Autodrome is another place to consider when cycling in Dubai

Usually, autodromes aren’t the first thing you will think of when you are considering what to visit next on your bike. These are the places where world-class motorsport rallies are usually held, as well as being huge entertainment venues. The same can be said for the Autodrome in Dubai. However, what it also offers, apart from its regular festivities, is a closed 2.46km circuit that is amazing for beginners and those who find “as easy as riding a bike” saying wrong. Even better, you don’t even need to book an appointment. All you need to do is show up with your bike and your helmet!

a car
How are car races connected to cycling in Dubai?

Head into the city on your bike!

Exploring the scenic routes is always nice, but if you want to experience cycling in Dubai, then you should also head straight into the city itself! Here, you can find two parks with dedicated cycleways that are just amazing. First, there is the Al Barsha Park which opens at 8 am every day and closes down at 10 pm. The second one is Mushrif Park, which you can visit from 8 am to 10 pm – except Thursday through Saturday when it stays open an hour longer. Finally, the Dubai Canal has a 12km cycling track that you need to experience for yourself to truly understand and enjoy Dubai as a metropolis!

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