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Published: April 8, 2020

A lot of people equate hours upon hours spent at the gym with good form and a fit body. In reality, you don’t need any special equipment to get a good sweat. All you need is your body, your stairs, and a bit of motivation. There are a plethora of stair exercises for beginners that will help you hit your weekly cardio target, as well as tone your whole body. Feel free to consult with any personal trainer Dubai based and we have no doubt they will recommend stair exercises as a staple of your home workouts. Read on to find out everything related to their benefits, variety, as well as mandatory safety precautions.

Why you’ll want to keep an eye out on stair exercises for beginners

For starters, any type of physical activity is beneficial. If performed correctly, of course. Stair exercises belong to the group of exercises that are easy to do yet have massive amounts of benefits. Climbing stairs will keep your leg arteries flexible, helping blood move more easily which will have a positive effect on your heart. Had a big meal? Just take a stroll up and down the stairs for a couple of minutes. This type of activity will regulate your blood sugar levels without you having to work too hard for it.

A person doing stair exercises for beginners.
With so many benefits of the best stairs exercises, you are bound to see results in a matter of weeks.

Not to mention that, as a cardio workout, it will help you wake up and be more alert. Even though a simple stroll up and down your stairs will be a great start towards a healthy and fit body, you could have even greater benefits by adding a few balance and resistance-related moves. But first, you will want to ensure you practice safely and not put yourself in any danger.

Be very careful while doing any stair-related exercises

Any time you are doing any type of workout, it’s very important to do it safely. Whether you are taking inspiration from the best workout apps or are exercising at a gym but without a personal trainer, you need to maintain proper form and posture. But when it comes to stair exercises and safety, it seems like you will need one thing more than anything else – balance. Luckily, there’s a simple test that can determine how balanced you really are.

Try standing on one leg for 45 seconds without holding onto anything. If you can do it without any problems, then feel free to start with your stair exercises. In case you have osteoporosis or bone loss, it is mandatory for you to check with your doctor before performing some of the more explosive exercises on the stairs we are about to mention. Please bear in mind that typing or checking Instagram while on the stairs is NEVER advisable. That’s how injuries can happen.

A girl holding a phone.
Put away your phone while working out.

The best stair-related exercises for beginners

Once again, even if all you want to do is a simple jog up and down the stairs for a couple of minutes, you will certainly make a good start in your fitness journey. But if and when you decide to turn it up a notch, here are a couple of exercises to focus on.

Stair pushups

Start by placing your hands on a step and keep them directly under your shoulders. Extend your legs into a plank position, which will already force your core to tighten. Now bend your elbows and lower your body until you find your chest just above the steps. Slowly exhale while strengthening the arms and assuming your starting position. It’s important to mention that you should keep your back and neck in a neutral position all throughout the exercise. Any deviations from the proper form could result in a back injury which will quickly make you experience all the downsides of working out at home. Of course, you won’t let that happen as you will try your best to exercise with caution.

Lunges and stairs

Lunges are a staple of all the best workout routines, and they can also be a part of your stair exercises for beginners routine. Face away from the steps, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and start moving your left leg backward until it lands on a step. Now inhale while bending your knee and lowering your body, and exhale while extending your leg and returning to the starting position. When it comes to lunges, it’s important to mention that your knee should never go beyond your toes.

A living room in an apartment.
Got stairs in your home? You already have all the equipment you need.

Hopping up the stairs

This exercise will require you to perform mini-squats, and we all know the benefits of squats by now. Start by standing on the lowest step with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your hips down and engage your stomach muscles while jumping forward off the step with both feet. If you want to land softly, you will have to bend your knees. You will also have to balance yourself by swinging your arms forward. Repeat for as many times as you can after returning to the starting position. This exercise will require some more energy and effort on your part which is why it will be a perfect low-intensity strengthening exercise.

These stair exercises for beginners will be real game-changers

Whether you decide to include these exercises in your daily workout routine that will consist of other forms of cardio and bodyweight exercises or you decide to make them your only form of exercise, you can rest assured that lots of benefits will follow. And with time, you can just level up your number of repetitions and difficulty. That’s the beauty of these stair exercises for beginners – they will allow a lot of variations and levels of difficulty. You might not be able to build muscles like a bodybuilder but you will certainly be able to tone up and get healthy. And what more could one person want?

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