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Published: January 22, 2019

Are you the kind of person who’s New Year’s resolution always include “start working out”? Maybe you even start going to a gym but end up quitting before the next month? Even though you know how healthy and necessary it is to work out. It’s good for your weight, obviously. The back pain you are feeling from all the hours sitting by your computer can be in the past. And, of course, we all know that exercising is great for your overall health. Why is it so hard to stick to your decisions then? Well, because we are not all made to enjoy the gym. Actually, many people dread it but still don’t give up because they feel good afterward. There is good news for you, though. Working out doesn’t have to be so hard and dreadful. Zumba dance is definitely one of the ways to enjoy working out.

Why is Zumba dance great for you?

Well, there are many reasons for that. Why is any kind of workout good for you? Because the human body needs to be maintained in a good shape. Even if you are not a professional model or athlete. Exercising can help you produce those mood-improving endorphins. And exercising to music in Zumba Dubai dance is one of the best ways to fight depression. Also, when you build lean muscle mass and get your body used to the calorie burning that Zumba provides, you boost your metabolism. That means that your body is going to be better in burning calories even when you rest.

People doing Zumba dance
Zumba dance is a fitness activity that doesn’t feel like working out

And, maybe one of the biggest benefits of Zumba dance is that everyone can join it. Whether you are a beginner, a child or a senior citizen, there is a place for you in Zumba. This is certainly one of the best cardio exercises to try. Everyone can understand the language of music, so you don’t have to be an expert in any field to join a Zumba class. The other benefits of Zumba dance include:

  • weight loss,
  • full body workout and body toning,
  • improved coordination,
  • aerobic and anaerobic benefits,
  • stress reliever and mood booster,
  • it’s social and fun.

Let’s not forget the benefit of every kind of exercise which is increased confidence. Zumba will help you lower your inhibitions through dancing. And with better coordination and improved posture, you will feel much better in your own skin. Of course, your mood and confidence will follow, so expect for people to notice your new glow.

Weight loss

If you are interested in calories and fat burning, Zumba dance should really be at the top of the list of things to try. There are some great fat burning workouts for men and women, but don’t leave Zumba out of it. The average person will burn around 600 to 1,000 calories because people’s energy expenditure is maximized for fat-burning benefits. That’s because choreography provides intervals of intensity in both the pace of music and type of movements. It also includes some fitness moves, which are designed to help you lose weight and strengthen your body.

Full body workout and body toning

Zumba dance provides a workout for the whole body, even if you don’t notice it at the beginning. Don’t worry, you will feel it the next morning, because it’s not just dancing, it’s a fitness class also. Not only that you do all the footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles. You also loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, so you’ll be able to tone your entire body in no time. Don’t be surprised when your whole body feels sore and you get familiar whit the parts of it that you didn’t know existed. This awareness of the whole body will help you progress. Also, make sure to find the best personal trainer in Dubai, to help you. He or she will notice when certain parts of your body need more attention and get you to your goal. And they’ll keep you safe.

Improved coordination

Man jumping in the street
Male, female, young or old, everyone can do Zumba, indoors or outdoors

As you grow older, it’s important to maintain good coordination. And any kind of dance will help you do that, by increasing your awareness of the body. Plus, when you add some fitness moves to it, you know it’s a win-win combination. That’s why Zumba dance workout is very popular for seniors, too. If you get the chance to join some senior cruise, you will be able to experience that. Zumba dance doesn’t discriminate on age, sex, race or anything else. And there are some great and affordable personal trainers in Dubai as well. So you shouldn’t worry about your budget when wanting to stay fit while dancing.

Aerobic and anaerobic benefits

Zumba dance is fast. Basically, you are working out with the fast pace of the music. You should follow the fitness exercises along with the fast beat that moves you. So, by dancing quickly, you reach your target heart rate much easier than standard workout routines. It also increases how much oxygen you can breathe during high-intensity class. If you are trying to build endurance, these aerobic exercises will sure help you achieve your goals. Endurance will start to pile up after only a couple of classes. Exercising for prolonged periods at this rate can increase the strength of your heart and build up your anaerobic endurance rather quickly. All in all, Zumba will help you maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.

Stress reliever and mood booster

Studies are showing that you should participate in cardiovascular exercise such as Zumba dance in order to release the highest amounts of endorphins in your body. So, if the fact that you’re listening to music and dancing isn’t enough, we know that this hormone will help you fight depression. Moving in fast pace is also great for getting rid of all the tension and stress the life showers you with. Find the best male or female personal trainer to guide and monitor you. Maybe you wouldn’t even need any therapy if you use healthy ways like Zumba to release everyday stress and boost up your mood.

It’s social and fun

Women working out in a gym
You can meet a lot of interesting new people while doing Zumba

Firstly, if you join the Zumba dance class you will meet a lot of people, as this is a great group activity. The great thing is that you really won’t feel like you’re exercising, so you’ll want to come back. Dancing is fun, so you know you won’t get bored in a class. On the contrary, you will enjoy the upbeat music and look forward to the next class. Training for two or three times a week will get you socialized and perhaps you can even obtain a friend or two. Or at least someone to go on a healthy protein shake afterword. Maybe even a beer. Hey, you deserved it.


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