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Published: January 8, 2020

Lately, Dubai has become one of the most popular cities in the world when it comes to both vacationing and living. It is filled with opportunities of all sorts, and it’s a great place for both singles and families. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking of Dubai as this large metropolis that isn’t suitable for family life. The truth is that there are many great family activities in Dubai that both kids and adults will be able to enjoy. To give your kids the physical exercise they need, you can hire a personal trainer for kids or you can gather your family and get them to participate in the following activities. Fun for the entire family is guaranteed!

Top family activities in Dubai

Please bear in mind that Dubai is a huge and populous city! That means that you will have many options for just about anything – including how to spend your day as a family. We just think that the following activities are always guaranteed to be fun for kids of all ages. But whether you want to spend your day taking the best karate classes in Dubai or sightseeing is totally up to you!

A family of three.
Are you ready for some quality family time? Then take a look at these activities.

Visit the world’s largest indoor theme park

Opening its doors in 2006, IMG Worlds of Adventure has become the world’s largest indoor theme park. Considering the fact that it is completely indoors, it’s the perfect place to visit when the temperature outside is too hot to bear. The IMG Worlds of Adventure is composed of four parts/zones: Cartoon Network, Marvel, Lost World, and IMG Boulevard. However, the only downside to this theme park is the fact that it won’t be a perfect place for younger kids. But it surely is the best place for older kids with a passion for adventure.

Dubai’s beaches are all it takes for the best family activities to take place

Dubai is a leader on many different fronts. It not only facilitates the world’s largest indoor theme park, but it’s also the place of the world’s tallest building. However, it’s Dubai’s beaches that mainly attract visitors from all over the world. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Dubai is a city with lots of sunshine. If you are living in Dubai, then you are surely a frequent visitor to a beach that is the closest to you. And if your family is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, then we suggest you make a day at the beach a weekly event. Some of the beaches you must include on your list are:

  • Sunset Beach
  • Umm Suqeim Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • The Beach at JBR
A family at the beach - one of the best family activities in Dubai.
There is great beauty in all of the beaches in Dubai.

However, we suggest you check beach information for the day you plan to visit it. Some of Dubai’s beaches have ladies-only days, while others have a strict cover-up policy when it comes to swimwear.

Global Village Dubai will impress the entire family

The mere sight of the Global Village Dubai will impress you beyond beliefs. This extravaganza is opened from November to April and it’s the place of some of the best family activities in Dubai. If you don’t mind a bit of a crowd, of course. Basically, the Global Village Dubai is like a giant fairground. Over 70 countries have their booths where they can showcase their crafts, food, and pieces from their culture. It even has a giant show stage coupled with a canal for boat rides and a huge range of carnival rides.

However, you should be warned – you are in for quite a crowd if you go on the weekends. Even Thursday and Friday night are sure to gather quite a crowd. So it would be best to start your day fresh and full of energy and go on weekdays when it’s less busy. Although some people prefer the crowds as they can soak in the energy. So it’s totally up to you when you go. Just make sure you add Global Village Dubai on your bucket-list of family activities in Dubai.

Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Here comes another attraction that bears the title ‘the largest’ – in this case, it’s the world’s largest flower garden. This seasonal spectacle is open from November to April and it features new floral displays each year. That means that even if you have visited before, you can still see a brand new display this year. Even though the Dubai Miracle Garden holds the title as the world’s largest flower garden, the property itself isn’t massive. But it does have the largest number of blooms. And if at any moment you get bored of the beautiful sights, you can hop next door where you will find an impressive butterfly garden. You can rest assured that your little ones will start running after them right away, giving your kids the exercise they need.

A water lily.
Spend your day surrounded by beautiful flowers and even better scents.

Take in some culture around the city

Not all families relish in physical activity and adventures. Some prefer cultural sights and activities. If this is the situation with your family, rejoice – Dubai has many museums and galleries where you can marvel at works of art as a family. Only one such place is the newly opened Etihad Museum. Here you can see and hear about the birth of a nation. This way, your children will have a fun and fulfilled day, as well as an educational one.

Have you seen any family activities in Dubai you think you might like? Then make it your task to visit them on your next day off. Hey, if you have the time, why not visit all of them? They will certainly turn into valuable memories, ones that the entire family will remember in the years to come.

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